Yummy Food specialities Pvt Ltd, is one of the leading manufacturers of cream wafer products in India. Having started its business in 1986, YUMMY has been retailing ever since and has become the favorite wafer for millions of Indians. Excellent quality and superb presentation have always been the two aces for YUMMY. Needless to say, YUMMY has mastered the art of making cream wafers and reached the perfection while working on international recipes. YUMMY products can easily be compared with any European , Middle-east or US product. Not only reaching millions locally, YUMMY products have also reached Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Maldives and shortly the European market. And many other markets are in the pipeline for our range of quality products.

Our passion for quality is what made the big brands of India and MNC’S associate with us. Starting with CADBURY, currently we produce their famous brand “PERK” (mini wafer enrobed with chocolate) and a very new product “BYTES” (small wafer pillows filled with choco cream inside). Hygienically produced with state of the art machinery, good infra-structure and passing stringent quality tests to keep up the high brand image of CADBURY.

We also supply wafers for CAMPCO (The Central Areca nut & Cocoa Marketing & Processing Co-operative Ltd.) & AMUL (Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Ltd).

For another big MNC we are in the process of making caramel coated popcorn , a unique product which is very new.

YUMMY also has a very strong technical background. Vast knowledge in food manufacturing equipment has over the years resulted into new innovations in machinery, just right for achieving the desired product.

YUMMY is always ready to break limitations in quality, packing and touch new shores for virgin products ever explored. And readily being the pioneers in wafers.

We look forward to get in touch with you for having a quality association and invite you to be a part of our ever-active food group.

To brief up, YUMMY is into Cream wafer biscuits, Cream wafer rolls, Chocolate enrobed wafers, Chocolate moulds and Caramel coated pop-corn.

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